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Swim Team Membership

Swim Team Eligibility
 All dependents of Cardinal Hill Swim and Racquet Club members and approved users who meet the following age and ability requirements are eligible and encouraged to try out for the swim team:

  • A swimmer MUST be between the ages of five and eighteen.
  • Passes the Stroke Test: at the swim team tryout, the swimmer MUST be able to swim one length (25 meters) of FREESTYLE and one length (25 meters) of BACKSTROKE without stopping.
  • Demonstrate Endurance: Swimmers, ages 5 - 8, must be able to swim a cumulative total of 8 - 20 laps in one 45-minute practice and swimmers, ages 9-12, will typically swim a cumulative total of 20 - 40 laps in one 60-minute practice.
  • The coaches may make exceptions for those swimmers who do not satisfy the conditions for the tryout outlined in #2 but whose stroke mechanics are sound and whom they also believe will be able to handle the endurance requirements for their age group.
  • A swimmer MUST be able to tread water for 1 minute.
  • A swimmer MUST be able to float on their back for 1-minute.

Swim Team Enrollment
All swimmers must complete an online registration at No one can participate in meets until the enrollment form and the associated registration fee have been received.

Registration Fee
First swimmer $75; each additional swimmer $65, payable at registration (this includes swim team as well as Mini-Cardinals). First year swimmers (not Mini-Cardinals) will also incur a $10 awards fee (one time only). All fees are used for swim caps, tee shirts, and to offset the cost of some team social events.

Refunds by June 12 will be less a $5 processing fee. If a refund is requested after t-shirts are ordered, refund will also be less $10 for the price of the shirt. No refunds will be given for personalize silicone caps. No refunds will be given after June 12.

Tryouts for all NEW swimmers will be held on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, between 4:30 – 6:30pm.

For those swimmers who are not quite ready for the rigors of swim team, we offer the following programs based upon eligibility for success in the water.

CH pool members aged 5-8 (and on a case by case basis) who have completed the highest level of Red Cross swim lessons but aren’t quite prepared for the rigors of swim team. Try-outs will be Monday, July 3rd, at 10:30am. Swimmers may also transition from the swim team to Mini-Cardinals (and vice versa) as approved by the coaches at any time during the season.

Swim Lessons
Begin the week of June 26th and are available to assist swimmers in achieving stroke and distance requirements, and the coaches will accept eligible swimmers onto the team throughout the season as appropriate. Please note that swim team practice is for swimmers who have made the team and is not an acceptable substitute for swim lessons. Private swim lessons can be given by the coaches, mini cardinal coaches and lifeguards. Group lessons are coordinated through the pool at the front desk.

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