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Swimsuits/Caps and Equipment

Cardinal Hill Team Suit
Team swimsuits will be purchased online and delivered to the pool. Swimsuit Fitting Day is Tuesday, May 31, 2018, 430pm-630pm and Monday, June 4th, from 430pm-630pm.  Swimmers in A Meets should make every effort to wear a black or black/red suits to the Meets.  Any color practice suit may be worn to practice.  NO shorts should be worn.

Swim Caps
It is strongly suggested that all swimmers with shoulder length hair or longer wear a cap, especially for a swim meet.  At all NVSL A Meets, it is required that the Cardinal Hill cap, or similar, be worn to promote team identification and spirit.  No "club" or caps of other organizations may be worn during a meet.

2018 Swim Suits will be available for purchase at the Swim Suit Fittings.  There will be an inventory of new suits available both days--get there early to get your size!

Cardinal Hill Tshirts
Each swimmer registered by June 1st receives a CH team shirt with registration.

There are many goggles for all ages.  All swimmers on the CH Swim Team are expected to wear goggles to practice and for meets.  It is useful to have more than one pair during a meet, if needed.

Fins are optional, but are good to help build leg strength.  If possible younger swimmers should get a pair of fins for practice.

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