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Meet Information

The Cardinal Hill Swim Team will compete in the following swim meets:

  • One organized Time Trial
  • Three Developmental Meets on Monday evenings at 6:00 or 6:30 PM
  • One Inter Club Meet (Monday, July 22nd)
  • Five NVSL Dual Meets on Saturday mornings at 9:00 AM
  • Fourth of July Relays (Thursday July 4th, 9am at VAC)~optional
  • NVSL Divisional Relay Carnival (Wed., July 10th)
  • NVSL All Star Relay Carnival (Wed., July 17th)
  • NVSL Divisional Individual Championships (Sat., July 27th)
  • NVSL All-Star Individual Championships (Sat., Aug. 3rd)

For away Saturday Dual Meets, swimmers and parents will gather at the Cenan's parking lot (Branch Ave. & Maple Ave.) at a pre-announced time.

Saturday Dual Meets are not canceled because of inclement weather. Meets may be rescheduled because of an electrical storm. Always report to the designated location regardless of weather.

Types of Meets
Time Trials

Time Trials will be held for all swim team members at 9:00 AM on Saturday, June 15, 2019 at Cardinal Hill. The purpose of this event is to obtain times for swimmers in each stroke. Each swimmer may only swim a total of 4 strokes. Six and unders do not participate in time trials. If you are unable to attend time trials, you will have an opportunity to swim two strokes (if legal) on Monday June 17th at the B Meet). Participation is very important to provide the coaching staff and team members with benchmark times. We will need 18 timers for each event. Additional timers will be required for relief and to replace timers whose swimmers complete their events earlier in the session.

Developmental Meets – Monday Evenings
These meets are normally scheduled for Monday evenings. Swimmers must sign up online under B meet sign-ups for 2 strokes only. In addition to the individual events detailed below for Dual Meets, the Developmental Meets have separate events for 6 and 7 year olds in freestyle and backstroke. Several meets also have an Individual Medley for the 9 and older age groups.

General Information

1. When the Meets Are Held and Who Participates. Developmental Meets (sometimes referred to as “B” meets) are normally scheduled for Monday evenings. These meets are typically scheduled with another local pool, but occasionally are one-team meets, such as Cardinal Hill’s “Boys vs. Girls” meet.

2. The Events. All Developmental Meets allow swimmers to compete in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Some meets also include an individual medley (or “IM”). Swimmers are encouraged to compete in each stroke at least once during the course of the season. Boys and girls generally compete in five age groups: 8 & Under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18. There is also a separate “6 & Under” age group for freestyle and backstroke in the Developmental meets.

3. Award Ribbons. All swimmers who compete in a meet will receive a separate ribbon for each event that they swim legally in the meet. The ribbon will include the swimmer’s name, event, time, and, sometimes, place. Ribbons will generally be placed in the folders of the swimmers as soon as possible after the meet.

Sign Up and Standard Eligibility Rules

1. How and When to Sign Up. All swimmers must sign up online to register for a Developmental Meet. The deadline generally is 6:00pm on the Sunday night before.

2. How Many and Which Strokes to Swim. Unless the “Special Eligibility Rules” (below) apply, each swimmer can swim a maximum of two strokes in a Developmental Meet. The swimmer can choose which stroke(s) (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and, if available, IM) he or she wishes to swim, but must have a coach’s permission to swim a stroke that the swimmer did not swim legally in time trials or in a previous meet.

Special Eligibility Rules

1. When these Special Eligibility Rules Apply. The special eligibility rules apply only for Developmental Meets that involve more than one pool or as otherwise determined by the team representative(s).

2. Swimmers Subject to these Special Eligibility Rules. Only swimmers who placed first, second, or third in at least one individual event in the previous Saturday’s NVSL Dual Meet, or the last NVSL Dual Meet of the current season for which the swimmer qualified are subject to these rules. These rules do not apply to a swimmer who (a) swam in the previous Saturday’s NVSL Dual Meet only as part of a relay team, (b) placed fourth, fifth, sixth and/or was disqualified in each of his or her individual events in that meet, or (c) did not qualify to swim in the previous Saturday’s NVSL Dual Meet (swimmers who qualify for a Saturday NVSL Dual Meet but choose not to participate remain subject to any restrictions that apply from the previous Saturday’s NVSL Dual Meet).

3. How Many and Which Strokes to Swim. A swimmer subject to these rules can swim only one stroke in the Developmental Meet, and the swimmer cannot swim any stroke(s) in which he or she placed first, second, or third in the previous Saturday’s NVSL Dual Meet. For example, if a swimmer placed first in freestyle and third in breaststroke on Saturday, he or she cannot swim a freestyle or breaststroke event on Monday. (The swimmer can swim the IM, if available, on Monday, even though there are freestyle and breaststroke laps in the IM.) The swimmer can choose to swim any other stroke in the Developmental Meet (including a stroke in which he or she placed fourth, fifth, or sixth in the NVSL Dual Meet), but the swimmer needs a coach’s permission to swim a stroke that the swimmer did not swim legally in time trials or in a previous meet.

4. Swimming “Officially” or “Unofficially.” A swimmer who placed third or lower (ie. 4th, 5th or 6th place) in each of his or her individual events in the previous Saturday’s NVSL Dual Meet can swim “officially” in the Developmental Meet and receive a “place” ribbon (that is, first, second, third, etc.) for his or her event. In contrast, a swimmer who placed first or second in any individual event in the previous Saturday’s NVSL Dual Meet can only swim “unofficially” in the Developmental Meet and receive a “participant” ribbon for his or her event (that is, the swimmer cannot receive a first, second, third, etc. “place” ribbon for the Developmental Meet). Regardless of whether a swimmer swims “officially” or “unofficially” in the Developmental Meet, all times count for purposes of the swimmer’s placement on the seeding ladder and for team or pool records.

Team representatives may discuss and agree to exceptions to these rules for the benefit of an individual swimmer before the start of the meet. Exceptions will be permitted only in extraordinary circumstances. 

NVSL Dual Meets – Saturday Mornings
These meets consist of 52 events (40 individual and 12 relays). Boys and girls swim separately in five age groups (8 & Under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18). Each age group competes in four strokes (freestyle, back, breast, and butterfly) . There are also relays for each age group along with a boys and girls mixed age relay. Each team enters three swimmers in each individual event and one team in each relay event. Because each meet is a team effort and scored, the Coach will determine who will swim in each event.

Meet Sheets will be available for purchase at all scored meets. Meets are scored as follows:

1st place = 5 points, 2nd place = 3 points, 3rd place = 1 point and each winning relay team earns 5 points.

Qualifying to Swim in NVSL Dual Meets
Each week all swimmers must qualify to be in the NVSL Dual Meet (A Meet). Be sure to notify the Coach (in writing, by email ) if you will be unavailable for an upcoming meet so he can substitute another swimmer.  In all cases notification must be made no later than the Tuesday before a Saturday Dual meet. Line-ups for NVSL Dual Meets will be announced at Friday's morning practice.  After each meet, complete results will be posted in the same place by 1:00 PM. Be sure to check the line-up each week, because those swimming and their events may change from meet to meet.

For relays, the 25-meter time will be used in all age groups except the 15–18.

There will be NO individual challenges/swim-offs.

Divisional Meet
The Divisional Meet is an Individual Championship Meet that consists of the same individual events as a dual meet with the addition of the Individual Medleys for ages 9 and up. The individual medley consists of each swimmer doing one length of each of the four strokes in the following order: butterfly, back, breast, and free. Each team in the division is allowed two lanes per event. For this meet the fastest two times will normally determine who swims the event. To be eligible to swim in Divisionals for Cardinal Hill, the following rules must be followed:

  • Individual Divisionals participation will require that a swimmer attend at least 50% of A meets for which the swimmer has qualified to swim and will be based on the swimmer's ranking on the ladder for each stroke (other than IM) for their respective age group. Please note that "qualified to swim" does not mean "available to swim." A swimmer who could swim in an A meet based on their ladder ranking but who opts to not swim because of another commitment (e.g., vacation, soccer game) would be considered "qualified" for that meet but "not available."
  • Participation in IM events at Individual Divisionals will be based on the swimmer's ranking on the IM ladder for their respective age group. In order to earn a ranking in the IM, the swimmer will have to have earned an official IM time at either a B meet or at the IM Carnival during the current season.

If one of the other teams in our division is unable to fill their lanes, the fastest time from one of the other teams will be able to fill the lane. This meet is the qualifying meet for the All Star Individual Championship Meet. The swimmers with the 18 fastest times from all the divisional meets will be eligible to compete in the same event in the All Star Meet.

The Divisional Relay Meet consists of two relays for each age group and gender and two mixed age relays. One of the relays is an all freestyle relay and the other is a medley relay, which consists of four swimmers each swimming a different stroke in the following order: back, breast, butterfly, free. Cardinal Hill will send its fastest teams to the Divisional Relay Meet, and no substitutions will be made to any team that qualifies for the All Star Relay Carnival unless a team member is ill or absent. 

  • Participation in Divisional Relays will be based on the coaching staff’s evaluation of both the swimmer’s individual performance and their ability to contribute to the fastest relay time.

The entries in the All Star Relay Carnival are the 18 fastest relay teams, league-wide, from the Divisional Relays.

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