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A Meet Information

"A" Meets are competitive team meets held on Saturday mornings. Swimmers accumulate points for their team based on how they place in each race.

Coaches select the swimmers to compete in these meets.

In order to create the lineups for the A Meets, the coaches need to know which swimmers will be available to swim in them. We create the lineups for the A Meets on the Wednesday of each week throughout the season.

Please fill out this Google Form to indicate the A Meets for which your swimmer will NOT be available to compete.

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B Meet Information

"B" Meets are developmental meets. Swimmers can earn ribbons for placing either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd AND for participation.

B Meets take place on Monday evenings.

Parents sign up their swimmer(s) for B Meets through our SwimTopia portal by:

  • Clicking on the SCHEDULE/MEETS tab at the top of page
  • Scrolling down the calendar to the desired B Meet
  • Clicking on the EVENTS button

The weekly deadline to register for each Monday B Meet is SUNDAY at 6 PM.

Please be aware of the following B Meet Eligibility Rules:

  • Swimmers may swim a MAXIMUM of TWO events
  • The swimmer MUST be able to LEGALLY swim the stroke featured in the event.
  • If a swimmer placed 1st or 2nd in the most recent prior A meet, they will swim as "Unofficial" (not eligible to earn a place ribbon) and may not swim the strokes in which they placed 1st or 2nd.
  • If a swimmer placed 3rd in the most recent prior A meet, they may not swim the stroke in which they placed 3rd but can swim officially and place in events featuring other strokes.
  • If a swimmer did not attend the most recent prior A meet, their eligibility for the B meet is determined by their performance in the A meet in which they most recently participated. (There may be exceptions to this rule if discussed and permitted by the team reps from BOTH participating teams.)
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Divisional Championships Eligibility

Swimmers qualify to swim in Divisional Championships based on their placement on the ladder of times for each individual event.

The fastest 2 swimmers in each event are given first choice to select the events that they would like to swim at Divisionals.

Swimmers are permitted to swim a MAXIMUM of TWO events at Divisionals.

In many instances, swimmers who do not have one of the top two times in an event do get an opportunity to swim at Divisionals because the fastest swimmers in their age group can only swim two events. 

To be eligible to swim at Divisional Championships, a swimmer must swim in at least 50% of the A Meets for which they qualify. "Qualify" means that they would swim in the meet based on their ranking on the ladder of times. Consequently, swimmers can "qualify" for meets in which they are not "available" to swim.

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