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Swim Lessons

The Cardinal Hill Group Swim Lesson Program is designed to help your child enjoy the water and stay safe. All lessons are taught by trained instructors and are available for a variety of ages and skill levels. All sessions last for two weeks and include nine 30-minute classes. Enrollment is limited so please register your swimmer quickly using the “Swim Lessons” link on the Cardinal Hill website.


Session I     June 26th-July 7th (excluding July 4th)
Session II    July 10th-July 21st
Session III   July 24th-August 4th

Lessons will run Monday through Friday during the first week of each session (no class on July 4th) and Monday through Thursday during the second week of each session. The first Monday of each session will be used to evaluate and place swimmers in the appropriate classes. The last Friday of each session will only be used to make-up a rained-out class. (One make-up date per session.)

Group lessons will be offered from 10:30am – 11:00am

Each two-week Session will cost $60.

NO REFUNDS will be issued for missed classes.

To ensure that your child receives instruction appropriate to their ability, please review each description of the four levels of instruction that will be offered. Determine the level of instruction that best suits your child’s needs and choose the Session most convenient for your child to attend.

All registration MUST be done electronically via this registration portal. Clicking on the above "REGISTER NOW" button will allow you to register your swimmer ("Athlete"), select your session(s), preference your level of instruction and submit payment. At this time, if you would like to register your child for more than one session, you will be required to resubmit a second registration for that child.

Please direct all questions to Mike Grill at

Instructor - Swimmer Ratio 1:3

Introduces safety, bobbing up and down, submerging face under water and blowing bubbles with mouth, arm motion, kicking, and floating on front and back. Candidates are not expected to have any prior swimming experience.

Instructor - Swimmer Ratio 1:3

Focuses on submerging and holding breath for 3-5 seconds, blowing bubbles through nose, rhythmic breathing, retrieving submerged objects, unassisted floating and gliding, flutter kick on front and back, jumping into chest-deep water, simultaneous and alternate arm/leg movement while swimming on front and back for minimum of 5 yards.

Instructor - Swimmer Ratio 1:4

Focuses on front crawl stroke with breathing, elementary backstroke, swimming underwater for at least one body length, retrieving multiple submerged objects, jumping into head-deep water and surfacing unassisted, diving into pool from kneeling position, and treading water for 5 seconds in head-deep water.

LEVEL 4 ADVANCED (formerly “Mini-Cardinals”)
Instructor - Swimmer Ratio 1:4

Focuses on standing front dive, swimming underwater for 5 –10 yards, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, front crawl with breathing and backstroke for 15 yards, and treading water in deep water for 15 seconds, .


  • Swim goggles are recommended but not required.
  • Parents/guardians should drop off their swimmer with the instructors at the beginning of each lesson
  • After dropping off their swimmer, parents/guardians should not interfere with the lesson or “hover” over it during instruction.
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