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Registration is CLOSED for Session 1 but is OPEN FOR SESSIONS 2 AND 3!

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Swim Lesson Program

The Cardinal Hill Group Swim Lesson Program is designed to help your child enjoy the water and stay safe. All lessons are taught by trained instructors and are available for a variety of ages and skill levels. Three sessions of lessons, each lasting for two weeks, are offered in June and July. Each two-week session includes nine 30-minute classes. Please see the Cardinal Hill Swim Lessons Program Description for specific session dates.


Session 1 evaluations will be held on Monday, June 17 according to the following schedule. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of the Level you believe is most appropriate for your swimmer. 

9:00 AM - Level 4 | 9:15 - Level 3 | 9:30 - Level 2 | 9:45 - Level 1

Session 2 and 3 evaluations will take place on the 1st day of each session. Please arrive 15 minutes early.


See the Cardinal Hill Swim Lessons Program Description for more detailed descriptions of Lesson Levels.

Please register your swimmer for the level of instruction that you feel best fits your swimmer. Please note that instructors will be evaluating your swimmers to determine final placement.


Approximate Instructor - Swimmer Ratio 1:3

Introduces safety, bobbing up and down, submerging face under water and blowing bubbles with mouth, arm motion, kicking and floating on front and back. Candidates are not expected to have any prior swimming experience.


Approximate Instructor - Swimmer Ratio 1:3

Focuses on submerging and holding breath for 3-5 seconds, blowing bubbles through nose, retrieving submerged objects, unassisted floating, and gliding, flutter kick on front and back, jumping into chest-deep water, simultaneous and alternate arm/leg movement while swimming on front and back for a minimum of 5 yards.


Approximate Instructor - Swimmer Ratio 1:4

Focuses on front crawl stroke with breathing, beginner backstroke, underwater swimming using breaststroke arms, retrieving multiple submerged objects, jumping into head-deep water and surfacing unassisted, and diving into the pool from kneeling position.

LEVEL 4 ADVANCED (aka “Mini-Cardinals”)

Approximate Instructor - Swimmer Ratio 1:5

Focuses on standing front dive, front crawl with rhythmic side breathing across the pool, proper backstroke across the pool, and beginning to tread in deep water.

QUESTIONS?  Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions and/or email Kristen Lewis at

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